Fishing with ROV

Not sure where to put this, or whether it will translate well, but the pictures should tell most of the story:

Heard a story from my ROV techs about a time they may or may not have speared a grouper with their ROV once… and nearly lost the ROV.


English translation: big fish hanging upside down.


I remember crabbing with an ROV quite awhile back. . . .

Tuna fishermen off the coast of California used spotter planes back in the day. Probably using drones now.

It was out of Port Hueneme that the swordfisherman used spotter planes to find the fish basking on the surface that they could then harpoon. Fish and Game outlawed spotters in the late 70’s. Jaws (the movie) allowed the same boats to get great white sharks and scare all the beach goers.

In Australia they use drones to spot sharks at popular surf spots.