Fishing Boat Sinks in Massachusetts After Crash With Freighter

[B] Fishing Boat Sinks in Scituate, MA After Crash With Freighter [/B]

SCITUATE, MA – A fishing boat sank in Scituate harbor after it collided with a 600-foot cargo ship on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.


The 51-foot fishing vessel, Michael Brandon, sinks in Scituate harbor, MA on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 following collision with cargo ship on Tuesday. Photo credit: Matthew West

Scituate is located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts in the southeastern part of the state, about in the 31 miles southeast of Boston.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the crash occurred about 20 miles off the coast of Hull, MA.
The 51-foot commercial fishing vessel, the Michael Brandon, was towed back to Scituate harbor by the Coast Guard after it slammed into the freighter, the West Bay.

The smaller fishing vessel sustained heavy damage to its hull and 3 members were rescued by helicopter and then the vessel was towed into harbor where it sank the next day. According to a report in the Boston Herald, the skipper injured his leg in the collision.

Crews used water pumps in an effort to keep the vessel from sinking but the damage to her bow was too heavy and it went to the bottom of the harbor. The cause of the accident is not known at this time and the collision remains under investigation by the Coast Guard.

Officials do not know how long it will take to raise the Michael Brandon.

The story was reported in the Boston Herald, and following below is an excerpt from that story:Three fishermen had to be rescued by helicopter and the 51-foot commercial fishing vessel Michael Brandon sustained heavy bow damage and the skipper injured his leg in the collision with the 600-foot freighter West Bay about 20 miles off Hull late Tuesday afternoon. The larger ship was not damaged. U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Luke Clayton said the cause of the accident hasn’t been determined but the fishing boat apparently drove bow-first into the side of the ship. Investigators are interviewing both crews.
Read full story at the Boston Herald website.

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