Fish oil

I’m looking for a brand or manufacture of Fish oil or a comparable product. We are having a hard time locating a decent wire lube that can be applied through a sprayer.

I usually just use Astroglide.

That’s the exact same thing my old lady said.

Try Premier Pacific in Seattle, they produce it by the tons. I used to blend it with bunker oil and burn it in the boilers on the OP.

There are lots of Chinese suppliers online who will sell it by the barrel or the capsule.

Depends on your budget. My local hippie food store sells 6 oz bottles of the stuff for between $25 and $0! Krill oil is twice that price!!

[QUOTE=cmjeff;75095] Krill oil is twice that price!![/QUOTE]

It ought to be … did you ever try to squeeze oil out of a krill?

A Bio-based, biodegradable oil is what you want.
Grainger offers a hydraulic oil that should meet your needs.
There are other sources.