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Stena is offering ready made design for ferries:


It’s all a bit worrying.

New Channel Islands cargo ship trialled amid ‘challenging’ time for Condor Ferries | ITV News Channel

I would like to see them try that on an ebb tide with 35 knots of wind from the NE.

The 2018 built Passenger/Cargo Ship KM SABUK NUSANTARA 115 anchored off Surabaya
Photo: Cor Vermeer (c)

This little ship cover many routes in the Java Sea:


Source: Stena RoRo places order for yet another E-Flexer RoPax vessel – Stena Roro

Contract for the first ferry connection in Norway that will be served by autonomous ferries has been signed:

Fjord1 and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have signed a contract for the operation of the national road ferry connection E39 Lavik-Oppedal. Fjord1 will operate with four autonomous vessels from 2026 to 2034 (with the possibility of extension for up to three years) and was awarded the contract last autumn on the basis of the best combination of price and quality.

Lavik – Oppedal (crossing Sognefjord) is the ninth largest ferry connection in Norway with 1.2 million cars transported in 2022.

HAV Design is the likely ship design company for these four ferries, according to rumours.
Building yard is not yet selected, but Havyard is a strong contender.

Artist’s impression of the ferries:

PS> That doesn’t mean that the ferries will be unmanned. Crew is required to direct the drivers on loading and to handle evacuation, if necessary.
(Someone have to man the Kiosk, make coffee and “svele”):

B.C.'s infamous fast ferries are back in the news:

Any takers for these little used “white elephants”?
3 for the fraction of the price for 1 when new, it’s a bargain!!!

There you go, no sooner said than done.

Jersey and Guernsey governments urge ferry firms to apply to provide passenger and freight services to the Channel Islands - Jersey Evening Post

Vaguely recall that they sold the last working ones for peanuts and then the new owners used them for a couple of seasons and sold them on for 10 x peanuts, and then the next lot did the same.
Now they are scratching around for paddles.

Glen Sannox shortly after launching at Port Glasgow

Earlier this week we had one of the most un-Durbanlike ships ever seen here, again courtesy of our Houthi comrades in the Red Sea. The new Calais-Dover ferry, P&O LIBERTE, is on delivery from her Chinese builders and diverted this way to miss the missiles. Quite remarkably ugly, but I was very keen to record her call. She docked just after sunset on Tuesday, so a boat was the only option, hence we went out once the sun had come over the yardarm. Unfortunately, the wind had too, as a hell of a westerly buster, our first for weeks, ripped through late morning. It was very bumpy indeed on the boat, so quite a challenge to get the object of our desire more or less in the middle of the frame. Extraordinary vessel. The pilot who brought her the previous evening made some interesting observations Two identical bows and bridges. Four pods, two of which were churning to hold her on the berth when we were on the water, and generating a hell of a lot of turbulence. 40,000 shp. The pilot reported that the “funnels” are labelled “Dover” and “Calais”. The bizarre thing is that this vessel, save maybe for occasional forays for refits and the like, may never turn around throughout her life. A mundane existence…
Text & Photo: Trevor Jones / Durban via Maasmond Newsclippings

More problems fotr CalMac Ferries:

Fjord1 has signed contract for 4 autonomously operated electric powered ferries:

Illustration from BC Ferries

“Astron W” soon ready for the crossing to NFL Canada:

On sea-trail after major conversion at Fiskerstand Verft.
Photo: olajoohvia NSF


As “BF Kvernsund”, blt. 2014.