Ferry Estonia accident

The ferry Estonia sunk in 1994, but not everybody is satisfied with the conclusion of the enquiry.
Request to re-open the case has been voiced several times since, but Sweden require more info before they will agree to do so:

This is radio from the sinking (30 mins):

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They actually found more than one hole while filming the wreck, but only showed one in the final documentary because the others didn’t fit the narrative.

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M/S Estonia, a ropax ferry sank in the Baltic 1994 and almost 1000 people drowned. The cause was that the bow visor fell off, the superstructure was flooded and the ship sank in less than an hour. Nobody heard, felt and saw that the visor was knocked off by big waves. And now some journalists sent down an ROV to check the wreck and they found damages to the hull and it is suggested that the ferry collided with a submarine. I have since 1994 suggested that the ferry sank due to leakage of the hull below waterline, as I was operating similar ropax ferries in the Red and Mediterranean seas. We tested the scenario of losing a visor in the superstructure in rough seas at high speed and the first impact with a wave was very loud, deformed the bow elastically shaking and vibrating it and there was an enormous splash … and the bow was OK. It was impossible to lose a visor as suggested. And if it happened and the superstructure was full of water, the ferry would capsize and float upside down. I had already inspected the ferry before the accident. It didn’t comply with SOLAS to trade internationally. It was just a cheap get drunk, tax free ferry for coastal trade Stockholm-Mariehamn. It seems the ferry was sunk due to sabotage. I have seen same thing later.