Federal shutdown and the NMC/REC

What’s that old adage?

‘Democracy is like sex. When it’s good, it’s really really good, but when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

Democracy sucks, period.

That sounds like a shithole story to me.

government_shutdown_011818.pdf (51.0 KB)

Here’s the official memo from the NMC this morning.

They could go with the “nuclear” option and change the procedural rules and then pass it.

Does ANY other countries (Sh*thole or not) have situations where the Government just shut down??
Apparently not:

Yes there are cases where it is difficult to form a working coalition, but then a caretaker Government is in place until a solution is found, or new election is held.

The civil servants continue their functions like normal and the loss of political oversight is hardly noticeable to the general public.

Shutdown over (for a couple of days).

Correction - they still have to vote or some such horseshit.


Thank you. I needed that.

I was “furloughed” for a half a day. Going back to work tomorrow. In three weeks, we will see what happens when the deadline looms again. I’m glad chip was re-funded because I know people with kids on the program who were very worried about losing coverage.

I’m guessing you’re on the federal payroll?

Honestly, they should abandon all federal entitlements. I’m in the younger crowd here, but I have my reservations about most federal legislation - even some sacred cows here!

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Yes, I sail for one of the federal agencies. That makes me on “the federal payroll.”

If you knew anything about chip, you’d know that it’s jointly funded by the feds and the states that administer the programs. And it is a health insurance program that benefits children. It is a low cost program- meaning that there are co-pays and premiums. It’s not welfare.

Interesting that you would abandon all “federal entitlements.” I wonder what you consider to be an entitlement?