Factory Trawler Unlimited Engineroom Seatime

Hello All!

I have a quick question and I may be missing something so please forgive my ignorance.

While working on an uninspected factory trawler that is over 1600 GT and over 5000 horsepower, is it possible to get unlimited seatime for unlimited 1st to unlimited CE? I have heard that the uninspected fishing license is what is required, but those with unlimited licenses have been granted unlimited time towards an unlimited CE while holding the 1st unlim. I checked the CFRs but I am now dumber after looking.

Anything you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated!


I think you have to sail under an unlimited HP chief to get unlimited time as first to apply the time toward a chiefs unlimited. I was hired in the GOM for that reason as both regular chiefs had limited HP chiefs/unlimited first license and needed 6 months sea time as “first engineer” under an unlimited chief.

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