Evaluation Problems

[quote=mike50;26424] What is odd, is they just renewed my current license in Sept. 09 with the exact same sea service letter.


Beauty is in the eye of the evaluator. I think you can convince them. Good Luck.

Just received my letter to test.Houston Rec received my paper work 12-23-09,the NMC sent out my dear john letter mid January. I took care of everything they wanted by the end of January and they started to get hit with all that bad weather in Febuary.Has anybody here stayed with Mrs. Maudry in Houma?

[quote=mike50;25864]I got my Dear John letter from the Nmc the other day.I’m trying to get approved for 500T master nc testing. The Nmc will not take my seatime from my last employer, saying that the vessel I served on was classified as a towing vessel and since I do’nt have a towing endorsement the time can’t be used. The vessels were not used as towing vessels,only for supply,parts and passenger transfers.My eval. lady told me the only thing I could do is get a letter from the company stating this and send it back to them.These vessels were at Naval Station Ingleside,old landing craft with bows welded on. Also the Nmc just renewed my current 150 masters nc in Sept. 09 with the same sea service letter.Please correct me if I’m wrong, can I not be the master on a vessel that is classified as a towing vessel,as long as that said vessel is not engaged in towing? Thanks for any and all info.


I haven’t been on here for awhile but I talked to a friend at NMC and they told me things are even worse than when I left almost a year ago, no surprise! I guess they are five people short in the call center so your wait time on the phone might be long. It seems that they are getting stressed out and quitting, no surprise there either! They are also short people in other departments and the contract companies ATS and SAC won’t hire people or else they can’t find any qualified ones that will work there.

Those pinheads running the place don’t even know what eveyone on the outside of their fantasy world are saying about them. Boy am I glad I left while I still had my sanity. I read some postings on Facebook by a few employees and it sounds like they should be on suicide watch!