European Short Sea Market

It’s not only in the Container shipping market that the rates are high, the charter rates for general cargo vessels in the European shortsea market have continued a steep climb:

Misje Bulk A/S of Bergen’s 1991 Wewelsfleth built JOMI arriving at Liverpool from Glasgow with a cargo of scrap metal for transipment to deep sea vessels.
Photo: Malcolm Cranfield ©

The Bahamas flag shortsea bulker Jomi is owned by a Norwegian company, built in Germany in 1991 for a British company and manned by East Europeans.
She carry cargo between two British ports, even though UK is no longer a member of EU.

Misje Rederi A/S:

The brand new WILSON FLEX I inbound for Rotterdam
Photo: Frans de Lijster ©

She was in Ålesund a few days ago, delivering a tank to Fiskerstrand Shipyard;