Embarkation/pilot ladder winch

A project I’’m working on has me looking into a manual/mechanical embarkation/pilot ladder winch capable of hauling a 170ft ladder weighing approximately 700 lbs. Has anyone heard or seen something like this? I know a motorized (electrical/pneumatic) version probably exists, but I’’m looking for a manual option. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

No, I have never heard of a 170 ft ladder that weighs 700 lbs.

Mechanical hoists - if that’s what you’re talking about - were banned a few years ago.


(see #6)

It kind of sounds like he’s just talking about a winch to hoist a gangway, but I didn’t think there was anything special about them. I’m guessing since pilot ladders definitely don’t weigh that much.

The only thing that would be manual that might work how you need it to is a chain hoist or some similar arrangement.