Edmund Fitzgerald Numbered Print - 151/250

[B]Does anyone know anything about this painting or what it might be worth? I am trying to find someplace to sell it.

I bought this painting at the Maritime museum in Vermilion, Ohio in 1979 and it’s numbered 151/250 by D.J. Thompson. It was professionally matted and framed after I bought it.

The painting measures, Frame = 35 x 25 inches, picture inside mat = 27 x 17
[B]It’s the Edmund Fitzgerald and the artist’s full name is David J. Thompson, the print says D.J. Thompson, I can’t find anything about this painting or anything about the artist anywhere on the internet, I have searched extensively…[/B]

This would seem like a good place to sell it. How much were you hoping to get?

From what I can find, there is a David J. Thompson based in Duluth, Minnesota; but he seems to specialize in digital photography. Maybe the same guy.

Thanks, cmakin…

Bloddy shitcakes, not sure what I want for it because I don’t know what it is worth, I saw one of the prints by J. Clarey (he has 1000 in circulation) which I also have, sold for over two thousand dollars on an art auction site when I was doing the research. This one has been sitting in the other room for years because my wife doesn’t like “Nautical art” on the walls. I figured I might as well sell it so someone can appreciate it and give it a good home.