ECDIS and going paperless

Looking at NVIC 01-16 section E
C. Redundant Arrangement. For vessels using official electronic charts as the primary
means of navigation, an independent redundant arrangement is required in order to
meet the equivalency, and must be:
If official electronic charts are being used as the primary and back-up means of
navigation, the equipment identified in Section E (Integration) of this enclosure must
be integrated with the redundant arrangement as outlined

E. Integration. ECSs are most functional for navigational safety when fully interfaced
with installed navigation equipment.

  1. The following equipment, if installed, must be integrated with the ECS in order
    to meet the equivalency:

d. Marine radar

Do you take this to mean that the ECDIS radar overlay must work, or simply that it must be part of the IBS in order to go paperless. I would think the overlay would have to work because it is referring to integration with the ECS instead of the IBS?

Yes, that’s how I interpret what you quoted.