Integrated Bridge Sysem

In the IBS system where there is a control station, that works as a centralised unit, if radar scanner is not working, malfunctioning or radar processor is not functioning then it won’t record the datas neither in the hard disk of radar nor in the control station server as the main source of data is cut-off. Radar input also will not go to ECDIS. Similarly for the ECDIS. If Processor is not working or executable file is corrupted the datas won’t get recorded in any of the storage device. So what the regulation says about it?

I think you just said “if it’s broken it doesn’t work”, which is certainly true. Seems to me the answer in that case would be to fix it.

No radar and no ECDIS are both no-sail items.

Yes, that is in the cases where there is no IBS but all the navigational equipments are installed on board the vessel. I am asking in the context of IBS. The very purpose of installing IBS is diluted when the redundancy of data storage is not ensured when situation arises as I explained in my post…

Ow, you hurt my head.

My ears hurt from the constant ringing of alarms from ibs. See huge class action suit in the future for hearing loss in bridge crews and pilots.