Dredging equipment wanted

I’m looking for a shallow water dredge to maintain a six foot deep private channel. Preferably located in NC-VA area.

Thanks for the tip but using that size equipment to maintain a 6’ deep private channel would be like using a Caterpillar dozer to push the leaves off my driveway. Besides, as the name implies, a shellfish dredge is designed to harvest shellfish.


I wonder if these guys have a small trailer-able unit? Baltimore based.


Not knowing the specifics of your project consider this only a suggestion. If the bottom of the channel you are looking to maintain is mostly muck and the length fairly short, rent a 4" or 6" Trash pump. Use the suction hose as your "dredge suction piece and trail the discharge hose away from the area cleared.

I wish it was that easy. I’ve been zeroing in on the Dino Six which is manufactured in Kansas. The full package comes with a trailer and can be purchased outright. It’s designed to dredge to depths from 6 to 13 feet. My channel is 100’ wide by 600’ long and 6’ deep and I have an area next to it where I can pump the material to dry. It looks like the best option so far.


Don’t know if it would be worth your while but you might want to look at this.


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The price looks good but I looks like it may more refurbishing than I’d be willing to get into. I’m looking for something that’s turn key.

Just watched the videos on their site. That’s a pretty sweet looking little machine. Suppose what to do with the spoils would be the hardest part. Can you offset the price by doing the neighbors or small marinas? Retirement? What’s that?

This appears to still be valid.


The spoils are not a problem. Once they’ve dried, the sand that’s left is a commodity. I won’t be running it but yeah, I expect to be able to pick up a few side jobs to help defray the cost of purchase. I’m quite happy staying retired and having someone else run it and enjoy the noise the vibrations and the exhaust fumes. :sweat:

PS. spoil disposal can be a problem if there is contamination but not an issue in my area.

So, not ever having given much thought to dredging before, can you give a quick synopsis of what type of permitting is required and how difficult it might be to obtain?

There’s no one-size-fits-all permitting process. It depends on who has jurisdiction over the waters where you intend to dredge. It could involve any or all of the following: federal, state, county, municipal , HOAs, etc…