Dorm Fire at SUNY

Just passing on the release from Maritime. There was some local news coverage and no one was injured but I don’t have any other specific information. This happened Mon 11/30 at approx. 0730 local.

Maybe this guy?

I am currently a student at SUNY Maritime. One positive effect that this fire has had on me is that it showed me just how close the maritime community can be. Although this event was tragic to those who lost their belongings, the school has definitely come together as a result of this issue.

There were no injuries as the fire happened during our morning formation when we were all outside the building for the most part. The parents association and other sources chipped in to offer the affected students some clothing so that they replace some of what had been destroyed by the fire. Some of the students that were displaced were moved to the ship while others moved to other dorms for the remainder of the year.

The fire was a pretty bad event and your right it showed that the maritime community came together. But you would think that the school would help more than they did. Especially with uniforms. Talking to one of the guys whose room caught fire said that the school was making them buy the uniform package again.

I am also a cadet at SUNY Maritime, and am currently living aboard the TS Empire State because my dorm had water damage due to firefighting efforts. Some details on the fire are it started from a faulty surge protector that then set fire to one of the mattresses on the second floor, then the fire spread to the third floor, then was extinguished. In total 17 rooms sustained some type of damage from the fire. Once we learned that we were being moved to the ship there was a ton of support from the other students and faculty, and the PA donated clothes and basic essentials to all those affected, which really helped a lot. This really did show how close everyone in this community is, and how willing everyone is to help those who need it.

Many students were displaced that day due to water damage. Although the fire only affected 2 rooms…roughly 30 people had to be relocated. Thankful that nobody was injured.