Does SIU have a track to 3A/E?

I’ve read posts on here saying that there is a track from AB to 3M through pro-bono courses offered through SIU. Does the same exist for WI to 3A/E? In other words, do they offer the classes pro-bono as well for the engineering route to 3A/E?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, just got accepted into SIU, and I want to get my 3A/E through the “Bachelor’s degree in engineering and 180 days sailing as QMED” checkpoint" on the USCG checklist.

I have the option of going the SUNY Maritime route (I’ll have to get another bachelor’s degree in engineering which I really don’t want to suffer through again).


This is probably your best option.

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I’ll spend roughly $40,000 to get that degree is the real reason I’m hesitating on the school. I already experienced the ramifications of taking $100k+ for a bachelor’s degree

The link I sent isn’t a degree and doesn’t cost anything.

Gotcha, I thought you were referring to the SUNY Maritime college. I’m finishing my application now.

You need to figure out what sailing is like and whether you want to do it before investing too much into getting ready.

Why don’t you just go sail with SUP or SIU for 180 days and get qualified to test for 3rd Engineer. That will probably take one calendar year and cost nothing, plus you’ll make decent money.

That won’t get you STCW OICEW, but it will get you started toward it. I don’t happen to know how many days you need for that.

You can sail engineer on tugs, factory trawlers, ferries , on Great Lakes ships, or Inland without STCW.

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This is exactly my reasoning behind applying to the apprenticeship. But you think I should skip the apprenticeship and just look for a C-book job right off the bat?

Solid point about getting some experience, I told my folks the same thing.

He would have to pay for STCW BT himself.

Or do AMO’s free training program and if he hates it quit once his obligation is up.

I disagree. He should go do AMO’s program ASAP and not waste earnings by waiting.

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Don’t bother with the SIU apprenticeship, go straight to AMO and be an officer in the same amount of time.

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I sent my application in, hoping for good news. At the very least I have peace of mind that I at least have the SIU option if I am declined from the TECH program.

I would hope that you already having a BS in engineering would almost guarantee you get accepted.

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Do you have a TWIC Card and MMC? That’s the first step.

You can take a one week (5 days) STCW Basic Training course for about $1000.

You wouldn’t need STCW to work “Inland” or on the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes vessels should be hiring right now.

Where did you go to engineering school? Mechanical or electrical?

Where are you located?

The AMO TECH program is a good choice. They’ll teach you to be a hands on operating engineer that knows how to fix things.

SIU school would be a waste of your time.

There are plenty of good paying shipboard maritime jobs that you could get right now and start earning and learning, for example dredging companies like Great Lakes, Weeks, Cashman, Manson, etc, or the factory trawler companies, like American Seafoods, or fish processors like Trident Seafoods.

TWIC is currently processing, Waiting for my medical certificate before I can apply for my MMC currently.

I studied Industrial Engineering from an ABET accredited school actually and predict this might be an issue but another officer said I could fight to get them to accept it even though it’s not exactly mechanical or electrical engineering.

Since I don’t have my MMC yet, it’s not possible to apply right now to the companies you mentioned and by the time I do get it, it could be April/May. And I think the next SIU class starts in June, so I’ll be right on schedule.

I know you guys think it’s useless, but upon completion of the apprenticeship, I’ll have fulfilled the 180 day requirement to apply for the 3A/E exam… That’s in 12 months from starting the program… Idk it seems like a good plan to me.

I appreciate the help so far. I’m in New Jersey by the way.

Most likely.

The CFR specifically names the acceptable degrees, I think you’ll be hard pressed to convince them to do otherwise.

I really think the AMO program is a better use of your time.

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You do not need the medical cert before you apply for an MMC. It can be done concurrently. Just attach a copy of your physical form and drug test to your MMC application. The lead times are long, so the sooner you send it in the better.

The dredging companies have many engineering jobs for “industrial personnel” that do not require any MMC. Great Lakes has an office on Staten Island, Weeks is in Cranford. There are others.

Similarly, no MMC is required for unlicensed jobs on a fish processor or factorytrawler. These are large complex vessels that also operate a fish processing plant full of pumps, conveyors, refrigeration, water makers, etc.

Nor do vessels under 100 tons, such as crew boats, utility boats, mini-supply, or some tugs, require an MMC for unlicensed personnel.

I doubt that your degree in Industrial engineering will count toward an USCG engineer license. The process of pursuing it could take years to get an answer.

Your best bet is probably the AMO TECH program.

NYC/NJ is a good place to look for work. There are many small vessels that don’t require an MMC. Try companies like Miller Launch, and the construction companies. Others on gcaptain would know which companies.

You should also talk to Local 25 of International Operating Engineers Union in NJ. They have jobs on many small tugs and construction vessels.

Virtually everyone is shorthanded and hiring these days. If you cannot find a job in a couple weeks, you are doing something wrong.