Does he need a license?

<P>I saw this on another website forum:<br><br>“If a large company owns a boat. and one of it’s employees operates the boat with other employees on board as passengers, to go some islands in a large lake to preform a job does said employee need a captains license?”<br><br><br>The captain is not carrying passengers for hire but he is being compensated by the owner. Thoughts?</P>

Generally, passengers + compensation = licensed operator.

100 percent with Capt_A on this one…

If the lake is not in the Coast Guard’s jurisdiction, you don’t need a Coast Guard license. That said, you do need to comply with the regulating body that governs that body of water, probably the state department of fish & wildlife. Be sure to check with them.

If you’re getting compensated other than people chipping in for fuel, food, etc then you need a license.<br><br>If the lake is entirely contained within 1 state, and not connected to the navigable waterways of the rest of the country then its up to the state to decide the rules however.