Does anyone have experience with using Satellite phones for email?

Does anyone have experience with using satellite phones for email?

A very good friend of gCaptain (who runs the awesome site is going to indonesia to blog about a new imax movie set at sea. He’ll be there for a few weeks weeks been given a $3000 budget to use on a sat-phone (that amount includes subscription and data fees) so that he can post updates to the movie’s blog…

He’ll be doing a 500-1000 word blog post every 2 days and will be uploading 1 or 2 photos with each post.

Can he do it for that amount? Which equipment and service (Inmarsat, Iridium, etc?) should he consider.

I realize that only a few of you have sat phones… and most use what their company gives them… but if you can help then I’d appreciate it!


I believe we use them on some of our boats. Through I will have to wait till Monday to ask our IT guru about it.

back during the HMS BOUNTY debacle, somebody was writing about software that was being used to email over satphone the Coast Guard about the vessel’s distress. I’d go back there John and see what you find.

Doesn’t the ship he is going to be working from already have sat service? It is kind of rare these days not to. If he just needs access through an existing account there are “calling card” type arrangements.

Installing a system on a ship of convenience will probably break his bank before he even starts. It might be worth his while looking at portable BGAN hardware solutions though. He might be able to find a rental.