Do you think the Navy will really change course?

This article is preaching to us choirboys but will it really change?
Navy says it’s charting a new course after rash of problems (

No. Nothing will change because nothing is broken.

The point of our post-modern Navy isn’t to protect our shores and project power overseas. The USN is here protect politicians: elected officials can spread taxpayer money to corporations who donate to reelection campaigns; taxpayer money goes to friendly communities to make jobs and secure voting districts; corporations hire politicians when their final terms expire.

The way they see it, the system is working as intended. If they actually gave a damn about protection and projection we would build ships for the next war, not for the next election. They would build ships that actually work. They would maintain the ships worth keeping and scrap the ships that aren’t.

The only way they’ll change is by getting our assess handed to us in the next war.