Do you miss airline food?

Not particularly, but the fact that most airlines used the pandemic as an excuse to screw passengers yet again irritates me. Recently flew JetBlue and was happy to see they were serving packaged snacks and bottled water. Sometimes it’s the little things.


I flew delta recently coming home and had a comfort + seat…company booked it, didn’t think much of it, but i got a warm Miller Lite for free, and could have had a second one but declined. Like you said, sometimes its the little things.

Back in the day, Braniff gave you a choice of beef or fish, and wasn’t too bad. One item I liked on a Piedmont flight once was a very nice Gazpacho they were trying out, and passed out questionares. I guess the response wasn’t positive, never saw it again.

The snack packs on Alaska were good. Especially, when you have shit to choose from at some airports these days.

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As many of you have said, sometimes it’s the little things. While that one free beer or a glass of cheap red wine is definitely not the highlight of a long-haul flight and I often declined (opting for a Diet Coke instead), I found it somewhat depressing when our national flagcarrier stopped serving even a single complimentary alcoholic beverage with the meal on a nine-hour flight to Bangkok. I could understand that in case of a low-cost airline, but not with one for which I pay premium.

At the same time, Luftwaffe will happily serve me a bottle of Warsteiner on a 45-minute domestic flight within Germany.


Most European airlines (and American??) are charging premium rated for budget service. It is sometime difficult to know which is which.

When you are used to fly with Asian airlines, (like SIA, Cathay, Thai etc) it is a “cultural shock” to get on a European one, especially on inter-European, or domestic flights.

The Middle Eastern Airlines (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad ) are competing on who has the best service and mean it.
PS> They also compete on price.(Unbeatable for anybody else).

Don’t they even serve Koskenkorva on Finair??
BTW: The Finns have found a cure for hangover. (No, it does NOT involve drinking Koskenkorva the next day):

The only time I got upgraded to first class was JOINING a ship. Nice seat but the warm embrace of the high life was out of the question 🤷

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Oh, man. . . could steer this thread way out just by responding. . . I just recall a new hire that was sent out to me as my relief. He was supposed to sail as assistant for the next leg and replace me when we got to the loading port. . .but he was so drunk when he showed up, I sent him home. . . and to think that I hardly even drink now. . hell, I haven’t partaken of spirits on a plane, even when upgraded or at the “lounge” waiting for a flight. . . . it’s hell getting old. . . .

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Of course they do, but you obviously have to pay for it in economy class. Few years ago beer and wine was still complimentary with the first meal on long-haul flights, but even that ended on quite many routes.

Speaking of American airlines, I was quite happy with American Airlines when flying trans-Atlantic.

It depends on your level of expectations I suppose.

I’ve somehow managed to avoid all the famous Asian and Middle Eastern airlines apart from few domestic flights within Southeast Asia.

One thing I enjoyed before they changed shit was FF miles. Between actually flying every 2-3 weeks and using their credit cards, amassed quite a few miles. National paid for my honeymoon and membership in the “Sun Club” lounge. Sent my wife to a wedding in Vegas with Eastern miles before they closed it down. Took a Disney trip for 3 with a rental from USAIR, all inclusive… Another nice little perk from them was the 10 ticket book of First Class upgrades that I used on the flights home, never going to work. Exchanged my miles for more than a few of those booklets… Those were the good old days, gone now. As are the airline credit cards. The food wasn’t too bad on the planes then, nothing to brag about.

You should try not to avoid them. Even on short flights in Asia, like BGK-SIN (a “two beer flight”) they served free beer, wine and booze.
I usually didn’t eat on short flights, especially not when going home.

I’ve actually done the opposite on my three most recent visits to Norway: I upgraded to business class with miles in order to get a free meal. It was particularly useful on the return flight as I often traveled late in the evening and didn’t have anything to eat at home. Oh, and Oslo airport is not the cheapest place to have a snack…

Always food to get in Singapore, day and night.
Besides, I had a VERY good cook at home, my wife.

Air Singapore is hands down the best airline I have ever flown with


Yes Singapore Airlines have been at or near the top since it’s inception, when Malaysia Singapore Airline spit up in 1972.

This year’s Forbes List of Best Airlines are out and SIA lost to Air New Zealand:

The best European airline this year is Virgin Atlantic at #7.

The best US airlines are Hawaiian Air at #16, followed by Delta at #19.

The best Middle Eastern airline is Qatar Airways at # 9

I miss airline food as much as I miss the time I highsided my motorcycle and broke 4 ribs.

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