DNV launches the Port State Control Toolkit

Oslo: Following a slight rise in the detention rate of DNV-classed vessels in 2008, DNV has moved quickly to develop and launch its Port State Control Toolkit.

While DNV-classed vessels have led the industry for years with the lowest port state control detention figures, a rising number of detentions were seen in 2008. At the same time, DNV conducted a review of its Port State Control customer support services.

As a result, a unique tool to assist the crew on board the vessel as well as the onshore management has been developed. No ship should be sailing unless the fire protection and essential safety equipment on board is in good shape and in full compliance with ISM regulations. This is exactly what the Port State Control Toolkit does – provides reminders about essential safety issues and guidelines for how to ensure quality.

“Quality is DNV’s main target and our history of very low port state control detention figures confirms our focus on safety at sea. But we cannot rest on our laurels,” says Tor Svensen, the COO of DNV Maritime. “DNV has to make continuous improvements in order to offer more advanced advice, guidance and training to shipowners and their crews.”

The new Port State Control Toolkit includes a handy, quick reference booklet, information regarding port state control inspections, updates on changes to MoU rules and removable posters which can be hung in key locations to remind crew members about best-practice maintenance routines for some key high risk inspection areas.

But what makes the product unique is its DNV-designed software solution, known as the PSC Wizard – an industry first. This easy-to-use tool is also easy to install and intuitive to use.

“Shore side staff or onboard personnel can customise checklists with relevant reminders and pictures of the ship specific systems and equipment to be used as guidance when carrying out regular maintenance inspections,” explains Håkon Skaret, head of Class Systematics in DNV Maritime. “The software includes generic checklists for all the main PSC focus areas based on DNV’s accumulated experience with common problem areas. Users can easily include their images and ship-specific information so the tool can be seamlessly integrated into their own maintenance programmes.”

Port state control detention figures are an indication of vessel safety standards and one of the most important and high profile ways in which the maritime industry ranks class societies.