Diver Killed by Cave In

Hey folks, sad news this week… heard that a diver was killed in the GoM by a cave in. Not sure physically how that’s possible, but apparently it was a pretty sketchy situation with potential legal ramifications. If anyone hears anything, feel free to email me at rob@gcaptain.com.

Yeah, just caught wind of this myself. The “cave in” happened when the walls of the ten foot trench the diver was working in collapsed on him. When they recovered the body, his helmet and bail-out bottle was missing. Horrible way to go, but what makes it worse is that it was complete’y preventable. There are time tested rules in laying back the walls of a trench to avoid or at least limit something like this. This is all anyone in the dive side of this industry is going to be talking about.

these news keep coming at times but i want to know about the measures to prevent it from happening

Sad news, i would like to know how to prevent those situations :frowning: