Discoverer Americas drillship contract cancelled?

I’m hearing Statoil may have cancelled or heavily modified the contract of the Discoverer Americas… but nobody at Statoil is saying anything and Transocean isn’t answering their phones…

At $735k per day, that rig is pulling in some serious dough, but considering the crash in oil prices, it may actually have been cheaper for Statoil to canx the contract and take huge penalties than to keep her on contract until March 2016. That’s total speculation, of course.

Anyone know if there’s truth to this? Feel free to email me at if you’d rather contact me directly.

If true another domino falls…

Transocean called me back, but said they wouldn’t comment on rumors, which is fair enough. If this was a done deal, we would know about it.

Really curious to know what’s happening behind the scene however.

Theory confirmed: