Did I fall asleep at the switch here?

I think I did. I don’t ever recall having written about TO building two new drillships:

Transocean names newbuild drillships


Transocean has announced the names of its two ultra-deepwater newbuild drillships, which are currently under construction in South Korea.

The newbuilds will be called Deepwater Asgard and Deepwater Invictus. Both drillships will be capable of operating in water depths of 12,000 ft and drilling depths of up to 40,000ft.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering have been contracted to build both Deepwater Asgard and Deepwater Invictus. A steel cutting ceremony was held for Asgard on 2 May 2012. A similar ceremony for Invictus is expected some time in June.

I really have to do a new list of ships on order…I think it has to have been at least six months and probably 12 additional ships added.

Could they be the Aker rigs ?

[QUOTE=Skoidat69;71648]Could they be the Aker rigs ?[/QUOTE]

I think you may be right on that one.

[QUOTE=Skoidat69;71648]Could they be the Aker rigs ?[/QUOTE]

You are correct.