Developing storm Western North Atlantic

[B]As of 1200Z Feb 17th the developing West Atlantic storm low was centered near 36N 60W moving NE at 20 knots with wind/seas of forces 11-12 (60-80 knots) likely within 120nm southwest of the center, othewise wind/seas forces 9-11 (45-60 knots) within 240-360NM of the center. [/B][B]This is creating hazardous conditions within the shipping lanes between northern Europe and the US East and Gulf Coast ports. [/B]

Current Chart

Satellite Photo

Feb 18th 1200Z the intense 960MB North Atlantic Stormwas centered near 42N 52W and was moving Northeast at 20 knots. Wind/seas of forces 10-12 continue within 180nm to the SW and 300nm to the SE of the center with max significant wave heightsto over 40 ft. Force 8-10 winds/seas extend outward up to 660nm to the NE, 300nm to the NW and up to 420 nm to the sourth of the center. Gradual weakening is forecast during the next 24-48hours.