Delek/$DK moving into Jones Act?

Came across this article recently and was a bit surprised. Delek mostly has inland assets and no maritime assets, yet they recently went out of the way to change their corporate bylaws to make them Jones Act-compliant. Wondering whose ships they are looking at - Centerline? OSG? American Shipping Company? Anybody out there hear anything? Article behind a paywall but essentially says what I just did.

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@argonbeam, as someone who seems to follow such things very closely, what do you think are the odds that OSG actually lets ships they are leasing go? Some I’ve talked to think it’s just part of the negotiating process… What’s your take?

Sorry, have been on vacation the last 2 weeks so didn’t get to respond until now. I saw the AMSC/Keystone news, but you posted about that, so obviously you did too. I responded in another thread. Regarding Delek, apparently they bought some inland barges only - no larger blue water assets planned at this time.