Deepwater Pathfinder Experiences a Drift Off and Subsequent Emergency Disconnect

Just heard from reliable sources that the Deepwater Pathfinder experienced a drift off following the loss of three thrusters. Emergency disconnect sequence activated, all BOP systems responded perfectly. We’ve reached out to the USCG and to Transocean for official comment on this issue and are awaiting the response.

thanks Rob…the rumor we hear is that the event is maintenance related. Obviously having an EDS function properly makes all of us workign in this sector feel a little better knowing that sometimes at least all that hockus puckus down there really works like it is supposed to.

Statement from the USCG:

We have removed the Certificate of Compliance.

The Officer in Charge, Marine Inspections at MSU Morgan City, Captain Jonathan C. Burton stated “The ship disconnected from the blow out preventer following the loss of the three forward thrusters. There was 5 inches of pipe in the blow out preventer at the time of the incident which was successfully sheared and sealed.”

He went on to say “We are working closely with MSC, ABS, and Transocean on this issue to determine the cause, ensure adequate solutions are implemented and tested satisfactorily, and continue to work to determine if this is an isolated event or a larger scale issue.”

A job well done for the crew on a successful and safe EDS… sounds like no significant harm to the environment, crew or assets.