Deep Complex North Atlantic Storm

A very large and complex North Atlantic storm is causing high winds and seas to 14 meters over the North Atlantic north of about 45 North latitude. This morning’s surface analysis chart showed the lowest pressure center was at 948mb to the southwest of Iceland.



The UK is going to be PLASTERED! One certainly wants to stay well away from the Hebrides!

Tough being offshore in a modeern ship but can you imagine during the war being out there is some little underpowered tub having the decks swept repeatedly?

The Heavy Weather conditions continue in the Atlantic mostly over the northern and eastern areas. No joy departing from the Channel today.

Current Wave Heights:

More tough going. Yet another deep storm (936mb) is over the northeastern North Atlantic today (1/22/09).

BTW, the record low pressure (non-tropical) over the North Atlantic is believed to be 916mb set in 1986 and again in 1993.