Deckhand=AB time towards 2/M Unlimited?

Currently hold a 3/M and was wondering if working as a Deckhand on a 100+GRT tug counts towards time for your 2/M. I know service as an AB is a 2 for 1 up to 180days. But I don’t know if this can count.

I was on a 4 man inland push tug. Captain/ Mate and 2 deckhands.
I’ve looked everywhere for this sort of information but can’t seem to find it. Only info I can find is through the CFRs and NMC checklist. If you read the job description it points out duties associated as an AB. Standing watch for lookout, line handling, repair/maintenance etc.

Any help would be appreciated!

Not sure of any tonnage requirements, but i can tell you my own personal experience that may apply.

I had some time that i tried to use as AB time but in the letter i was submitting, i was called deckhand. To make a long story short, i ended up getting this previous employer to re-write the letter and then call me AB. Just holding an AB but yet working/being called a deckhand wasn’t good enough for the evaluator.

Then after that was all said and done my evaluator wanted this previous employer to submit a statement on why they changed the letter from deckhand to AB.

I would stress to whomever writes this sea letter to please call you an AB in it and not a deckhand. May save you some grief.

According the the checklist for 2M time must be as AB. You can use time as boatswain or quarter master if you hold an AB endorsement. It’s pretty black and white, but evaluators over look stuff a lot. Worth a shot?