Dealing with bullies the old way would create problems

If a man repeatedly irritated his companions in the group with aggressive and selfish behaviour, then gradually, a whispered consensus emerged against him.

A conspiracy formed among the other men, and the aggressor was killed.

Humans are social animals, or pack animals to use another term. I am sure wolves, lions, and so on chase off or worse any pack members that persist in attacking other pack members instead of enemies, we aren’t unique in that :wink:

The article only mentions primates, humans having the ability to make, communicate and carry out relatively complex plans.

Anyway, there’s two issues, the first order problem of the bullying and, from the view point of crew management, the second order problem of dealing with the possibility of subsequent events up to and including murder.

That article was not a guide to crew management, but there is a takeaway on that:
If you have a horrible bully and leadership takes no action, they run the risk that sooner or later everyone else will.

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Yes, the article is not about crew management.

A while back I read an article about something similar. The article was about movies or books with a theme similar to “Breaking Bad” where the protagonist adjusts to life outside the law.

If someone selling illegal drugs gets robbed they don’t have access to the legal system for a remedy so they have to deal with the problem using alternative methods.

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