Dde 1000/4000

Can anyone help me out with this. I worked as an unlicensed engineer in the engine room department on OSV for years. I never held a Qmed. Can i take the DDE 1,000/4,000?without having Q-med endorsement i do have more than enough seatime and appropriate Horsepower to qualify for my DDE.

I know a few DDEs that didn’t have ‘qmed’ time. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as your sea service letters are worded correctly i.e. unlicensed engineer.

Were you an unlicensed engineer or an unlicensed member of the engine department?

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I worked as an Unlicensed Engineer

Seatime is worded As an Unlicensed Engineer

When i got my first DDE back in 2012, i had some time that was ‘unlicensed engineer’ time. The letter specified that it was on a vessel that didn’t require a licensed engineer and i was responsible for watch standing and duties in the ER. I did hold a qmed at the same time, but no seatime AS a qmed was submitted being i’ve bounced back and forth between deck and engine. I didn’t have any problems.

I know a few guys who were in similar situations without holding a qmed and they had no problems either.

When I applied for my DDE I put “Unlicensed engineer” and they had no problem. The only thing they asked me to specify if it is a “Walk-in engine room”.

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