"dc prop the 'new' thing

any of you guys seen that post on scuttlebutt about ac vs dc? I’m not sure i want to get involved!

Years ago I did some work on a T2 (sulfur) tanker with turbo-electric drive. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

whoa!!, now that is a “old salt” reply!!!

Early 90’s I did some boiler work on the Marine Floridian talk about a time warp. There had been a casing explosion so we were re-tubing an entire boiler. We had to cut each tube individually for a custom fit job. The engine room was getting shut down every week for a day here and there while they removed asbestos.

Icebreakers went from DC/DC (1930s) to AC/DC (1970s) to AC/AC (1980s) and pretty much stayed there. Now there’s one icebreaker under construction with ABB’s Onboard DC Grid…

would that new breaker be american???

No. Itis a new Russian Icebreaker presently under construction at a yard in Russia:

Refr. post # 109

Thought that the FLORIDIAN had sectional header boilers. . . would make for straight tubes, no? Of course could be rare things to find. Did a lot of surveys on the DUVAL in Galveston back in the day. . also a T2 and she spent a lot of time laid up at Freeport Sulfur.