Current Maritime Management

MSC is going down in flames. No reliefs, office apathy, placement idiots. The only people who care are the ships crew who are near retirement.Computer systems are down more than up. CYA or Blame Game is the current management system. They have 10 coxens and 3 rowers on the crew team. No 1sts, no 2nds, no 3 Ed’s, lots of chiefs.

The whole industry down to small tugs in many
cases have failed to keep crew wages up,
tried to operate as cheap as possible hiring
Inexperience’d personnel because of price
and now that inflation has overrun crew wages
Top to bottom in many cases than instead of
being proactive , now that the want adds
Are everywhere and even modest wage increase
offers that the adds remain, positions remain
unfilled and when one job offers a substantial
Offer than personnel are jumping like popcorn.
Maybe its past time to pay the Piper. For the second time of my career I actually saw a tugboat
Make up on the hip bow to bow, actually on the
Bow of the vessel he was shifting, of course
he had to break down & turn around after advised
To, SMH. So who is to blame for some companies
Filled with inexperienced personnel,which from
What I’ve seen lowers the capabilities of the
Vessels in which they operate.

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MSC s not all of, or even most of maritime management, perhaps it’s time you moved on