CruiseCritic forum want to know why just a few American cruiseship captains

[QUOTE=c.captain;99438]Man with guys like you and Fraqrat on my team we’ll be unstoppable!

Standby for orders…

btw, what’s your weapon of choice? (other than keyboard of course)[/QUOTE]

So which one are you? :wink:

[QUOTE=catherder;99525]So which one are you? ;)[/QUOTE]

actually CH, this is my Joe

When I was a lad, my collection of GI Joes was awesome. I had Combat Joe, Frogman Joe, Astronaut Joe, Hardhat Diver Joe plus Joe’s M38A1 Jeep with recoiless rifle even…I had it all once and what did mom and dad do one summer when I was away? Dumped the whole effing lot! That’s why I had to butcher them like I did!

btw, do you know these were all once made in the USA? My GOD how our nation has sold out!