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A giant Ponzi scheme?:

The Svalbard cruise season is “gone” for this year:

Not good news for all the new Polar Expedition Cruise ships coming out of the yards this year, or last.
Or for the old ships that traditionally spend their summers in Svalbard and the rest of the year in layup.

Hurtigruten will operate year around cruises on the Norwegian coast, with turn around in Dover, Hamburg and Bergen:

Of course they have operated daily trips on the Norwegian coast from Bergen as the only company in the Coastal Express.

From next year they will be joined by Havila on that service and will have a surplus of ships, hence this new service.

SeaDream Yacht club has re-commenced cruising:

But what it doesn’t say here is that they are banned from Geiranger since the ships doesn’t meet the latest emission rules for the World Heritage Area.

Delay will save on parking costs, I suppose.

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Hurtigruten will try something new. Their Fridtjof Nansen will do cruises from Hamburg to the Norwegian fjords without actually calling at any port for shore excursions:

NOTE: English text below the German

Bergen Port has established a company to develop a system for recording of pollution from Cruise ships while in port:
This in addition to the restrictions imposed on emission when steaming.

Many of the older Cruise ships may not survive the downturn caused by the pandemic:

Interesting read Bug. I think none on here are surprised these scrappings were coming. Was curious how many though.

No, not surprising that there will be some scrapping.
What may be surprising is the age and size of the ships that is expected to be scrapped.

There are still some much smaller and older cruise ships in operation around the world. Many of those are very popular with a segment of the cruise “guests”, who pay a premium to sail on them.
Here is an example:

PS> Maybe not with the typical cruisers in the US, who appears to like cheap cruises on large ships of the “Oasis class” or eqv. (The more gimmicks, glitter and cheap thrills the better)

Uncalled for comment which borders on racism. If someone said that about Chinese guest love of gimmicks, glitter and gambling on cruise ships you’d be screaming.
You claim to abhor hypocrisy? Bullshit


No I would not scream. If you read the article, one of the Oasis class new building is slated to cruise from China, with Chinese gusts.
She will be fitted out with even more gimmick, glitter and cheap thrills because the Chinese loves that stuff too.

PS> There will be signs in Chinese as required by Chinese rules.The menus will also cater to Chinese taste, not surprising.

PPS> I did not say anything about which race the US cruisers may be.
Are you implying that there are only one race in the US, or that only one race take cheap cruises? (or only one race like gimmicks, glitter and cheap thrills?) That would be racist, wouldn’t it??

No you did not state which race. But you did lump an entire nation into one group. The USA is supposed to be, not always successfully [like Norway] a homogeneous culture so your comment could be construed as racist or an attempt to define one nations people by the preferences of a visible relative few. This is a condescending attitude which is not appreciated.

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Bloomberg: Time to Cold-Stack Cruise Ships

For anyone who went through the Warm followed by Cold Stacking of Drillships in the last five years, this article is like deja vu.

Their stacked crew count seems high, but having stacked a few drillships I definitely don’t envy the challenge here. Mold and rust will be the biggest enemy for sure.

Wonder how stable the fuel and lubes will be affected by cold stacking along with the other headaches?

Fuel and lubes are usually not much of an issue.

It kind of depends on the duration and application.

For the lubes we put corrosion inhibiting additives in everything that took oil, from main generators to the smallest pump gearboxes and tried to run the equipment long enough to mix it around. Larger capital equipment like generators you’d want to periodically pump the oil around and roll the equipment over. The manufacturers said it the systems could be reinstated without flushing, but I would have wanted to flush/replace anyway. That was back when we were looking at 1-2yrs stack time.

For fuels, there are also additives, but ideally you run the tanks down that won’t be used. These obviously aren’t two-stroke outboards, but if you’ve ever left gas in your boat over the winter without winterizing the engine you know how fun it is come summer.

But reading that article it sounds like they intend to keep some generators going. And they’ll likely need to. I’ve seen external power/generators used to run dehumidification equipment. But a vessel of the scale and internal volume (read: 6000 mattresses) will require a significant amount of power to run that kind of equipment. Even if a ship is lucky enough to get pier space, I don’t know enough about cruise ship shore power to assume you have enough juice for that. So if your’re running ships generators, good fuel tank planning would negate most serious concern about tank issues. For empty tanks there are vapor emitting corrosion inhibitors on the market.

Other issues are related to electronics. Not just thousands of cabin TVs, touch screens, bridge nav equip, but everything related to engineering system function that has a PLC or a memory. All that needs to be backed up and stored. In humid environments, circuit boards don’t like rust either.

How many lifeboats on a modern cruise ship? Best grease the crap out of those fall wires and hooks. I’m sure a COI on return to service would just be a nightmare.

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That is correct.

Nice response, thanks shipengr.

First Cruise ship receive CIP-M certification by DNV-GL:

Hurtigruten is returning more ships to service:,route%20in%20August%20and%20September.