New Cruise ships coming

New cruise ships by the dozens are coming out, but which is the best and the worst design?:

BTW; This one is NOT a cruise ship, it just look like one:

PS> Sorry, no “tivoli” and water sides on top deck

I assume the comparison of the respective “passengers” is intentional. It may even smell like one (if the cruise ship has a particularly nasty outbreak of norovirus…)


I swear I would rather go on a cruise in my RIB and sleep on the gas tank than be seen on one of those floating CAFOs*
(Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation)

Well, they do say passengers are “self loading cargo” and sometimes herds of sheep or cattle.

Viking Cruises has had an explosive development and no plans to slow down:

10 more of the 930 pax size Oceangoing cruise ships, 2 Polar Expedition ships and entry into the Mississippi River Cruise market is already in the works.
​​​​​​​What next??

A new cruise ship unlikely to come to a port near you anytime soon:

Maybe an old topic but fresh news:
A new Norwegian Cruise Line ship will debut next year - and recently released renderings offer a tour around the stunning vessel.

"Norwegian Viva, which will sail on its maiden voyage in June 2023, is currently being built by the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri in Marghera, Italy.

Rather than drawing up the ship from scratch, Norwegian mirrored the design of its sister ship, Norwegian Prima. Like the Norwegian Prima, the new cruise liner will feature a three-storey racetrack, infinity pools and a glass bridge that stretches over the water"