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Anybody here dreaming of living on a cruise ship when they retire??:

Not a novel idea. The World has been sailing the world with it’s residents for many years now:

When new The World was visited by then President George W Bush. He introduced himself as; “I’m George, President of the United States of America”
Capt. Dag H. Sævik replied; “I’m Dag, Captain of the World”

On one of The World’s visits to Norway, Capt. Dag took his ship and guest on a short visit to his home village of Tjørvåg (Population; abt. 400):

Not much space in the bay for a ship of that size.

Three cruise ships at the Cruise Terminal in Ålesund today:
Europa 2 & Mein Schiff 1

On the inside of the finger pier, Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Cruise ship Otto Sverdrup:

All three carrying mostly German tourists.

From 2026 zero emission will be compulsory for any ship entering Geirangerfjord.

Yes; previous operators started in one country, ended in the other. Several “expedition” size ships have been here in the past. Clelia II was doing a solid business here when I was a Federal pilot as did the Le Levant. Small pax capacity certainly made for a more pleasant experience.

Then again, I tried to keep the crew in fresh fish while the guests were bustling about town. Relaxing for me, good eats for them!

AIDAperla showing her bright side;

She is spending the night in Geiranger tonight but it is not dark enough to make a lightshow there at this time of the year.

Norwegian Star:

Mein Schiff 1:

In Ålesund today.

Europa 2 arrived at midnight after her long trip from Geiranger:

Planning on a cruise anytime soon?
Maybe you should have a look at this:

Nordfjord had two large cruise ships visiting today:

Queen Mary 2 (left) and Balmoral visited Olden on Sunday. PHOTO: THOMAS THAULE

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Two large and one small Cruise ships in Ålesund today:
Celebrity Apex and AIDAnova:

And Hurtigruten Expedition’s Otto Sverdrup:

Weather on this day of the summer solstice doesn’t look and feel much like summer:
Foggy, rain and +10C today. Gale Force 7-8 from the NW expected later today/ tonight.

From today:

Did not dare to go alongside the quay due to the wind:

  • Safety comes first

Due to strong winds from the south, the captain of the Costa Diadema chose to return out of the Nordfjord earlier today:

Costa Diadema chose to turn around due to strong winds on Nordfjordeid. PHOTO: ERLING WÅGE

The over 305 meter long cruise ship Costa Diadema was scheduled to dock at 08.00 on Nordfjordeid on Tuesday. But due to the bad weather, the captain chose to turn around.

  • They waited off here for a while and made assessments with regard to wind and weather, but there was more wind than forecasted, so the captain chose to turn around, said Arild Åshamar, daily leader at the Seawalk in Nordfjordeid.
    He further says that measurements had been made on the bridge which showed winds of about 30 knots. This corresponds to between 15 and 16 m / s.
  • This wind came straight from the south, so the ship got it right on the side. It was an assessment of wind speed and direction that made them decide to turn around, so Costa Diadema chose to return out of the Nordfjord, says Åshamar.
  • It is best to be on this safe side. Safety comes first, he adds.

According to the cruise overview, Costa Diadema, which has a passenger capacity of over 3,600 passengers, will continue to Stavanger.

The next call at Nordfjordeid is already tomorrow. Then, according to the cruise overview, both World Explorer and Vasco da Gama is scheduled to dock there.

Another cruise ship also stopped by the wind

The cruise ship “Iona” is also struggling to dock in strong winds. They have canceled their call at Hellesylt on Wednesday 22 June.:

The cruise giant «Iona» photographed on Hellesylt 7 June. PHOTO: RANDI ANSOK / NYSS

“The weather forecast is that there will be strong winds that day, which means that the ship will not come to Hellesylt that day” reports, with Stranda harbor service as the source. adds that “Iona” has visited Hellesylt several times earlier this year, and that thousands of passengers have gone ashore to look at and photograph sights, visited cafes, shops, excursions, or just gone for a walk in the area.

According to Stranda Port Authority, the next visit of the huge cruise ship, with a length of 345 meters, will be already on Wednesday 29 June.

Hellesylt has a permanent population of 238, but is visited by one or more large cruise ship just about every day in the summer season.
Some of the cruise ship make a short stop in Hellesylt to drop off passengers that make overland trips to other places in the area and re-board the ship in Geiranger:

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In Ålesund there are two large cruise ships alongside today:
Sky Princess:

And MSC Grandiosa:

Super yacht Kaos is still moored on the inside of the finger pier.

Great Lakes Cruises are back:

World’s largest LNG powered Cruise ships are under outfitting and construction at Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France.:

The MSC World Europa will debut in the Arabian Sea in winter 2022-2023 with MSC Cruises.

Starting next June the MSC Euribia will spend her inaugural season in Northern Europe from the German port of Kiel, with seven-night itineraries to the Norwegian fjords.

Jewel of the Seas and her little sister Star Legend is in Ålesund today:

Tight fit:

Passenger liner passing the Welland canal
Photo: cruiseindustrynews

To biggies in Ålesund today, 28. June, 2022, the Costa Diadema and MSC Gradniosa.
Both are new and regular visitors to Ålesund and the Norwegian fjords this year:

Spectrum of the Seas at Marina Cruise Terminal, Singapore.
Photo: Royal Caribbean International

The “adult only” Cruise ship Viking Jupiter is in Ålesund today:

Together with Norwegian Star.

No, she is not “Adult Only” for the reason some here may think:

Seven Seas Splendor, Anthem of the Sea (with erection) in Ålesund today:

Hurtigruten Expedition’s Otto Sverdrup feels small:

But she can go places the other two can’t

Spotted: “AIDAperla” in Geiranger (Norway). Small town with an unbelievable amount of tourists.
Photo : Ronald R. Jansen ©

Another view:

As seen from lookout points:

Photos: Sven Arild Pedersen

Cruise ship to the rescue of a different type.
130 Tourist stranded in Longyearbyen, Svalbard got a lift with the cruise ship Mein Schiff 3:

No, not entirely free.