Crossing Situation - Risk of Collision and Action to Avoid Collision

Thank you for the response and the idea to use time vice distance. Points well taken. A good learning, discussion, and application tool.

If I was still actively sailing I’d buy either the latest edition of Farwell’s or Harry Hirst’s book. Or maybe both.

My version of Farwell’s is 6th Edition, ARPA is mentioned but not discussed.

Fun fact tangent to this I learned in the last couple months, if you Have a Transas/ Wartsilla ECDIS, does in fact have a Rendezvous function. It’s a little bit hidden and a little clunky, but calculates just as well as those PC programs folks love. On the route data screen, there is a RDV tab that lets you acquire AIS targets, and shows you when and where you are going to meet. No one onboard, myself included had ever used it before, or actually noticed it. It requires a 2 Mile CPA I think, but I thought I’d share that feature with the class.


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try this

" In extremely busy waters (such as port entrances and exits), all vessels have to make a continuous effort to watch out for other vessels in the vicinity in order to avoid a collision.

Furuno] Risk Visualizer is an innovative technology that significantly reduces the risk of collision by alerting the crew to potential collision areas. It shows a coloured area around ships and ship navigation areas to warn the crew about potential approach or collision.

This technology is based on an advanced algorithm that has studied and analyzed numerous data samples from real manoeuvres and navigation data, provided by operators and navigators to obtain highly reliable predictions."

(216) 【Technology】Risk Visualizer™ - YouTube