COVID‐19 Pandemic Imperils Weather Forecast - Marginal REVOLUTION

Corona has not affected the Weather satellites as far as I know. Only the cats to show up for work to analyze the data. But nothing surprises me at this point.

We have noticed that our weather forecasting has been far less accurate since the pandemic started. The meteorological office did warn us months ago that with air traffic stopping they were being staved of data to make reliable forecasts.
I had been unaware of aviations contribution to meteorological observations up until then and I understand that the whole process is automated.

I have one of these.
Sometimes it is right.
Sometimes it isn’t.
Given that the last witch was burned to death in 1706 in this country I would be very wary of predicting anything at all to be honest.

They tried dunking them too. The one at Witchduck Point survived way back when. Her forte was not weather forecasting.

The first week or so after the shutdown began here we got several days where it rained when the forecast probability for rain was low so I wondered about how they were doing at NWS Gray.

But at the time we were getting a lot of mornings with onshore flow when we usually get westerlies. It’s normal here from time to time to get a morning marine layer of stratus when the forecast is for clear skies so I think that is all it was. So, yeah, not sure, don’t know if I could tell or not.