COVID-19 1st world problems

Just curious how people’s lives have been affected. Many are on lockdown or stuck on board, etc. but what little inconveniences have you noticed? Slower internet? For me it was coming home and not being able to get the same perfect haircut that my Korean barber ladies have done for the past 13 years. Also trying to explain to my 3 year old grandson why I didn’t want to run out and get him strawberries today.

Good question.
The village pub is now shut as a ‘pub’ but selling vegetables, bread, loo roll etc.
and take away meals and drinks.
A decent bottle of Malbec is actually about £6 cheaper than the usual price so that is a bonus.
Traffic is way, way down which is another bonus as a car crashed in to the house this time last year.
We haven’t experienced the massive queues at supermarkets but we don’t use them much anyway.
Most annoying is that they have shut the recycling/rubbish disposal centres which we use all the time.
Also I don’t feel happy in flouting the travel restrictions by going to check on my old wooden boat which is 40 miles away so have to rely on the marina owner to make sure that it hasn’t sunk.
Hands are getting very dry and sore from excess washing!


Restaurants in my state are allowing to go and delivery sales of alcohol, which is nice.

Also im irritated i cant complete my downstairs bathroom remodel.


I’m running a mild fever off and on, and can’t find a thermometer anywhere online or locally (my other half looked for me). Does that count as a first world problem?

I can always buy one from the scalpers on ebay for 50 bucks for a 10 dollar item.


Not to be funny, but I do notice the last of the thermometers in the stores are included in the home pregnancy tests. Hence pricey, unless needed.


I hadn’t thought of that. The funny look I’ll get when I buy one of those (I am clearly no longer of childbearing age)

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I had a fever during the first week of January & used an infrared thermometer used to do HVAC work. Get your other half to shoot you in the ear if you have one. To see how accurate your infrared thermometer is if you have one, shoot an outside yard thermometer or your fridge thermometer to compare. My Stanley infrared was spot on as far as I could tell.

I hope you feel better catherder. You’re a tough cookie, you’ll be okay.

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Have you looked for non-clinical infrared devices?

Their $30 multimeter has a thermocouple as well, but probably too coarse reading.

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There’s a thought. We were using one on the boat to measure each other, apparently you need to hold it fairly close to the person’s forehead. I’m home now, maybe send Mr. Cat out to grab one. Thanks.

Or maybe have it sent…we are trying to avoid unnecessary trips out.

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As in touching I would think. But the pistol type may have a minimum distance for focusing.

I’ve had decent luck closing my mouth over the end of one, to stop any airflow.

Note the clinical type of infrared may have compensation built in for forehead, ear etc.

But a relative reading will probably do fine if you can get it reproducible.

We done the same down in the control room. We have 4 digital infrared thermometers. 2 showed the same, 1 was lower & the oldest was way low. We think the way low was due to scratched up lense & older batteries.

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I think the key is to know what the accuracy of the unit is. A quick look on the internet shows many of the infrared units advertise an accuracy of +/- 3.0 degrees F. A medical thermometer has an accuracy of what, 0.1 degrees F?

Sure, and the reading also varies with the emissivity of the object being measured. But if you can get a no-fever baseline it ought to be better than a poke in the eye with a pointed stick.

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Does your bridge have a wet/ dry bulb thermometer? (You can use it in place.) Just pee on the thermometer. Your fresh urine is body temperature. Rinse it off when you’re finished.

With many states and counties enacting shelter-in-place rules I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a shortage of home pregnancy tests in the not so distant future. :joy: