Correct me if I am wrong, but SUP is supporting Joe Biden

Any thoughts on what the other Maritime unions are doing or party they are supporting?

Likely Biden across the board

Maritime unions are so small they can’t swing an election in any direction. If they vote Trump or Biden or some 3rd party candidate it won’t make a difference. Really makes no difference who the president is, congress makes the laws.

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I don’t think that’s correct.

During its 85 years, the NLRB’s position on significant labor issues has shifted depending on which political party occupied the White House. The NLRB currently has three members, all pro-business Republicans appointed by President Donald Trump. The current NLRB has dismantled much of the pro-labor decisions and regulations of the Obama-Board.

How could maritime unions be so foolish as to vote for Biden?

If it doesn’t get through congress, it is moot.

What part is not correct?

This part.

Very true. But look at how NLRB member are chosen, with Senate consent.

And Secretary of Transportation and Marad reps.

Biden’s plan to ban all offshore oil and gas exploration will cost a lot of US seafarers their jobs.

There are no union jobs in The US offshore oil patch, so the unions don’t care, or they’ve want to see offshore oil banned so non-union mariners lose their jobs.

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Disagree on a few points, agree on a few others. The legitimate unions tried to organize, but stiff headwinds. Once they saw the unpredictability of the GOM market, backed away. Glad they did. They care, but also care to protect their investments in the mariners that are members. Wouldn’t touch GOM with a million foot pole. Unions did not cause the pay problems in GOM. Perhaps the owners paid up while union presence was around, but good luck with that now in the up and down business we have all been aware of for more than a few years. That Gitmo job may look pretty good to some of those non-union cats sitting on the beach right now.

The president appoints the bureaucrats and judges to apply and interpret those laws. It does matter.

Yes, and some those Appointees and Firees have been doozies lately.

The president does appoint certain heads of departments, but in Trump’s case many go unfilled. 140 positions which the president appoints have no nominee since he came into office. Many ambassadors have not even been appointed. Which may be best as he has filled his cabinet with people from the “swamp” he promised to drain. Former lobbyists and Wall St execs fill the cabinet. He and his friends in the Senate have confirmed judges which have lifetime appointments. So it is up to congress to adjust laws that these “activists” judges seem not to want to follow. So, if congress doesn’t change it makes no difference who is president. Personally I’d throw them all out, both parties. Get some amateur crooks in office instead of these professionals.