Container Ship CMA CGM Debussy crushes tug

Appologies if this has been posted before but on March 8th the Container ship CMA CGM Debussy (IMO 9235907) crushed the tug Vadeni (IMO 7623423)
Luckily there were no deaths or injuries.

On March 8, 2010, around 16, container vessel "CMA CGM Debussy, French flag, was involved in an accident, the port of Constanta.
Goliath against Guliver
During the maneuver the move from berth 123 in berth 115, “CMA CGM Debussy” hit the ship “Haci Fatma Sari, the flag of Turkey, which stationed in berth 114, and the tug” Vadeni ", participating in maneuvers.
The press release sent from the ship: "Following the collision resulting damage, without human casualties or signs of pollution. CMA CGM Debussy vessel is safely moored in berth 115. The case was taken up by the research department of the Captaincy Zonal constant for the causes that led to the production of collision. "

There is this Video of the incident:

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and these Photo’s

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Holy kick the can Batman. I liked watching the the word TUG and the arrow pointing down at the hapless tug as it goes by