Consumption Range

I am after rough estimate on range for a 29m tug with Engine: Main Engine: 2x Mirrlees Blackstone ESL 8M, 1795kW, 1000rpm,
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Length: 95’ 2" - 29.00m
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Beam: 9.75m (31ft 11in)
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Draft: 4.71m (15ft 5in)
Fuel: 68.9 tons

need more information

are you going to be towing with a high load on the engine or running light? Also is that 68.9 tons max bunker capacity or 85%? Also how much safety margin do you want to leave in the tanks before stopping to refuel?

if you base it on 18000gal available and 2200 gal/day then you are looking at only 8.5 days before you need to stop for fuel again. Of course lower burn rate gives you more time before you have to stop.

This is just for the delivery run, so no towing comsumption

Later towing will be 100mt barges

Thanks for the info, that gives me a good estimate for the delivery at least

6.67 tons per day
I think that is average for 2500hp tugs
This engine can perform at lower
I think less than 5 tons a day 24 hrs, is this correct?