Confirmation letters


I have finished my 30 days dp familiarization and 30 extra days for watchkeeping in 1 vessel/ 1 trip. Then, took the adv dp course and completed all 180 dp days for watchkeeping (includes the 30 extra days i had during my first trip in offshore vessel I had after the basic course).

I am now gathering my dp confirmation letter. But what got to my attention was a colleauge who insisted that confirmation letters of the familiaeization and watchkeeping must be separate letters.

What I did was, since my experience are all in one shipping company or operator, I requested only one confirmation letter stating all my dp days served in the company.

Please advise me, so I can request again if what I did was not right and could changed it before submitting to NI.


I can’t quote anything specific. But one of the DPOs onboard just showed me his confirmation letter. He had all the days in one letter and he had no problem with the Nautical Institute. The only separation of days was done in his DP log book. He received his certificate about a year ago.

I’ll let you know soon. I just sent mine in on one letter from the company.

The same letter is fine but my company had two tables of dates/days, one for familiarization and one for watchkeeping.

I’ll just say this. It depends on what day of the week it is and if your evaluator has been laid recently. I do know that they are looking for days/hours on the letter and they will only credit 2 hours per day / must be 2 hours per day to count and the Days / Hours submitted can not excide 2 hours per day. If you can understand that. I have seen 3 guys complete their paperwork the same way with the same letter from the same company and 1 of the 3 got their certs first time through. Follow the NI instructions and all should be fine, at least 1/3rd of the time. Good Luck,,


Sent my package off back in July. I used the companies DP sea time letter which to me was nothing more than a sea time letter just confirming I was on a DP vessel. My letter was set up like Capt. Phoenix stated.

I just got the E-mail on Dec. 7th that my certificate was being issued. Sure took a long time for no problems though.