Coast guard physical


I notice on the physical form there is a section for infectious diseases. Does anyone know if an applicant would get refused for HIV or Hep C? I’ve always felt like it’s pretty close quarters on the boat to work with someone who had HIV or some other disease, but would they get denied a license?


Captains work with Admirals all the time.


As long as you’re not sharing deep bodily fluids, it should be safe. No telling what the USCG will say but I think legally employment must be allowed in most cases.


Here’s the USCG NVIC that is all about what medical conditions require further review. Knock yourself out.


Thanks Fran! I’ll use that next time I can’t get to sleep.:wink:


For insomnia a Dutton’s or American Practical Navigator II is like a bash in the head with a two by four…you fall asleep right away, but wake up with a headache…


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