Coast Guard Med Cert Delays

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Well, getting confirmation the same day is certainly great customer service. I submitted my medical certificate renewal on 02/05/2024 and have yet to get any confirmation of any kind. When I asked about it via the NMC chat client, I was directed to check back around 03/04/2024 for any updates.

I don’t know if you sent your 719K to or to your REC. If you sent to REC, you will most likely not get a reply. I believe the REC is not allowed (though some do) to reply to your email saying it was received due to legal / privacy / personal information issues.
That said, we always get a reply from Medical when we send someone’s 719K. So in the future, be sure to send your medical application directly to Med. If you do not get a reply in the same day, resend it. They will tell you not to do that but honestly, since you may be time dependent, it is the only way to know for certain that it was received. The call center telling you to wait 30 days and check back is a response that gets very frustrating. If the 30 days passes, and then they say it was not received, it doesn’t then get you to the front of the line when you send it yet again…

Medical Certificate Renewal

073122 - Emailed application to

080122 - Martinsburg recieved

              Being Screened

              Approved for issuance 

080222 - Issued, Mailed

080422- Received in Mail

I have been sending my med cert renewals using the address for years now.

In August 2020 I sent it in and had an email confirming receipt in a day, and the new med cert was issued 3 days later.

In January 2022 I sent it in, it took a week for an email confirming receipt, took 12 more days to “clear medical screening”, 15 more days before being evaluated, and finally issued a week after that.

Both of those applications were “clean applications” with no kickbacks.

Which brings us to 2024 …

In 2021 my med cert took 10 days from email submission to having it in my hands. December of 2023 it took 42 days. So yes the time has increased dramatically. And no I was not asked for any further information regarding my application. To be fair, I was not aware that the process time had so much and was expecting what happened in 2021. Shame on me for not reading everything that the USCG emails me. Perhaps the USCG set the expectation to high

I sent in my 719k along with my license renewal application on January 9th and it was in the mail on February 5th.

To the REC? Or both the same day? Emailed to the med address?

I’ll repeat again, the Med Cert should be issued the same way they are in Canada. The doctor gives you a temporary Provisional Med Cert on the spot when you pass your physical. Then you receive the two year Med Cert from Transport Canada in Ottawa about one month later.

Or, like the UK MCA (ENG 1) Med Certs, the doctor issues the two year Med Cert on the spot, and that’s it.


Like the US DOT physical.


Yes, my US DOT truck driver physical is virtually identical to the USCG physical and is issued by the doctor on the spot.

The USCG modeled its Med Cert program on the DOT program, and the USCG drug testing program on the DOT drug testing program, but for some strange reason the USCG decided not to have to doctors issue the Med Certs.

This would be easy to fix.

It’s obvious that the USCG does not have the resources or ability to do all the functions that it has been tasked with in a reasonably efficient manner.

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Are we still using the 719k that says it expired in 2021? That’s the one that’s available on the USCG website

I’ve waited a month just for them to confirm receipt now

Emailed mine today…fingers crossed

Emailed mine to NMC 02-Feb and they still haven’t confirmed receipt

Emailed to the med email address Feb 15th. No response of any kind.

They said to check back in on 3/1

I waited the month to ask about it and this is very anticlimactic but they say they never got the email which is clearly “sent” in my “sent” folder and I have to start over.

1/30/24 Sent off renewal of Med Cert application.

2/23 Rec’d at NMC.

2/26 Medical screening, approved same day.

2/27 Shipped out via USPS

Right at a month by the time I get it in hand. Could be better, but it could always be worse.