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Seems the long awaited climate survey is out. Reports indicate msc employees are happier than most other federal employees. Until one reads the fine print. Yea, shore side Msc employees rate msc highly as a place to work. However, the afloat side numbers reflect 17 percent of the employees are satisfied with their jobs. Never under estimate the ability of the USN and shore side cubicle sitters to sway the reports and numbers to reflect what they want to see. msc remains the bottom feeder of marine employment. Sadly this is not due to the mariners themselves, but the lack of leadership from shoreside management. They conduct these useless surveys and then don’t listen to the mariners when they tell them why they are not satisfied with the organization. Simply incredible. Nothing will change until the restructure from the top down, rid the organization of the current leadership, purge all the retired USN that wants to make Msc just like the USN and get new blood. But, they never will. They will I’m sure continue to pat one another on the back and tell one another what a great job the shore side cubicle sitters are doing. Well done Msc for taking the time to ask the mariner how he/she feels about the workplace.

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I hate MSC more than when I step out of my car and straight into dog poo (Actually I kind of like that, hehe). I am going to quit after my leave runs out and my detailer probably wont care when I call her but Im going to gloat anyway! If I could get through to JackintheBox Taylor Id gloat to him. A year of interminable frustration for a guy who just likes to work hard and have fun. I hate MSC, I despise the Navy, and I have nothing but contempt for the Department of Offense.

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Seems to be the view of many these days within msc. such a shame as Msc could have been a decent place to work with the proper leadership. But you bring in someone to lead with little backbone, and some retired failed 06 that the USN didn’t even see as worthy ( was sent to Msc when on a active duty, hint: the USN does not send the best of the best to msc when on active duty) and that’s what you get.

I can say without a doubt then when I retired it was not due to me being done with the Maritme industry, it was due to the lack of shoreside leadership and then constant tone by the shore side that civmars are evil and not worthy of their time. True, there are people within the shore side support that do care about the workforce, but they are in the minority to be sure.

From my perspective, MSC began an inexorable downward slide when they combined Lant and Pac into one big unhappy family. Once Pac moved from Oakland to San Diego, and APMC emasculated the decision-makers at Pac, the end result was almost inevitable. Too bad, as this was once a great employer and a really fun job.

Where can I find the survey?

Just grossed $9400 for last two weeks. MSC seems okay to me.

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;70302]Just grossed $9400 for last two weeks. MSC seems okay to me.[/QUOTE]

Let me guess, that’s about 100 hours of OT U/W or $50+ an hour ontop of base salary for inport USA watchstanding?

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;70302]Just grossed $9400 for last two weeks. MSC seems okay to me.[/QUOTE]

Your $275/day less then other companies. Nice…

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;70302]Just grossed $9400 for last two weeks. MSC seems okay to me.[/QUOTE]

In a twisted way, I’m glad to see that others have been able to view MSC as only a paycheck, not a lifestyle. Good luck…

That’s all Msc ever was, a paycheck. You have to understand the office cares nothing about you, the USN looks down on you, and you are expendable to the point msc would be the first to hang you out to dry ( seen this displayed many times in the past). As long as you know and understand that, take the money and run.

Its gratifying to see that the more things at msc change, the more they stay the same. More Shit Coming!

[QUOTE=seadog6608;70534] More Shit Coming![/QUOTE]

Mongoloid Sycophantic Cornholes.

True, Ironically enough, I can say without reservation the mariners I sailed with when with MSC were some of the best I’ve sailed with anywhere. How MSC retains such a high quality core of mariners given the way they treat them is a wonder.

My personal favorite was Misfits, Scumbags and Cretins. That said, XCapt, you are exactly right. MSC did have some of the best sailors I’ve ever worked with and learned from.

A true paradox indeed… :slight_smile:

Excellent core group on every ship upon which everything depends, surrounded by people who fail as ballast.

Mostly Senior Citizens

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