Class Action Suit Filed in Hawaii to Declare Jones Act Unconstitutional


Dear gCaptain-

As you know, in and around 1916, Senator Wesley Jones, then a Senator from the great state of Washington urged the adoption of what has commonly referred to as the Jones Act. There are two main ?sides? to the Jones Act.

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From blog article:
Finally, this writer is unclear why the plaintiffs have not sued the actual companies if they believe they have been injured as a result of price fixing. I do not believe the District Court will find the Jones Act unconstitutional; I do not believe the Ninth Circuit will find it unconstitutional and I do not believe the United States Supreme Court will accept a writ of certiorari. But, there is no question that this will be interesting to follow…….

In majority of coastal states, “the cabotage” is “monopolised” for the vsls of that state, only.
Fixing the freights is not uncommon either.

It will be interesting to see the ruling of the court.