Chief Mate Exam Chart Plot

So I’ve been studying for my Chief Mate exams, and all of the chart plots I generate using LapWare and Upgrade U for iphone generate the tests with 9 questions. Aren’t there supposed to be 10 questions? The passing score is 90%, don’t see how you could do that without a perfect 9 question exam. Am I missing something? Is the finished plot itself the 10th question? What’s uh…what’s going on?

I wouldnt know about the chief’s exam, but I do know for the lesser tonnage chart plot on lapware they were 9 question tests. When I took the exam for real, I noticed that the first question was a geographic range question and the remaining nine were the actual chart plot.

sounds about right

It’s geographic luminous range questions for the tenth one.

[QUOTE=DoTheDrew2191;159856]Aren’t there supposed to be 10 questions? [/QUOTE]

See page 61.