Charter Fishing Boats - Count as Sea Time?

I am looking to get some work on some of the local charter fishing boats out of Boston Harbor. Most are small boats, not the larger “party boats”. My question is if time served on the smaller boats would qualify for sea time… I checked the CFR but am still too green to be able to navigate it as effectively as I hoped and I can’t find the answer to which types of boats/ships qualify for sea time.

Thank you in advance.


RDE - Yup, it does. A friend even submitted his time in his kayak when he went for his 100 T.

Thank you Water!


Did you try Boston.s Best Harbor Cruises or any of the other water taxi’s. They will start to be ramping up for the spring, oh yeah I forgot, spring doesn’t start until June in Boston. Seriously, a lot of deckhand will be sick of the winter already and will be quitting so there might be some openings coming up. I hear the Boston to Provincetown boat is pretty good gig. Also Outwould bound is usually looking for people on the Georges Island run. Glad to be out of Beantown, the weather the two weeks over Christmas and New Years was miserable.

I am looking at all of those. I will be ready for work in March and will start contacting them all.

Thanks for the advice!


Charter boat whether six-pack or inspected is accepted as well as time on your own boat - think they need for it to be at least a registered boat.
Try any of the yacht clubs for a launch operator job .
Seasonal but it’s time aboard an inspected vessel !
Pay isn’t any great shakes but with the tips and the laid back atmosphere it’s a great way to put in time 'till things pick up again.